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The "Interessengemeinschaft ACI-Anleger e. V." (German Syndicate of ACI-Investors) invites all investors in ACI Dubai properties to get in contact with the association, in order to bundle the legitimate interest of all investors to try to save the invested money.

The German Syndicate of ACI-Investors represents more than 2 400 German investors of ACI closed funds with an equity capital of more than 250 Mill. AED.

Our strategic aim is to realise an economic solution for the investors in ACI closed funds as well as direct investors in Dubai ACI-properties to save the invested money!

We have started the legal proceeding (civil and criminal) in Germany against ACI (Robin Lohmann and Hanns Uwe Lohmann). Our objective is to get ownership of ACI projects in Dubai to realise them and bring them to market together with joint venture partners. We have already started discussion with potential European tenants. We believe that this is the only way to save our invested money.

We want to discuss with you the process of coming together.

Please contact us and send us your data and fill in the form "ACI Dubai-Properties - Data of Investors.xls", which you find under Downloads, so that we can integrate your data in the masterplan calculation.

Interessengemeinschaft ACI-Anleger e.V.
Managing Director: Rainer Regnery
P.O. Box 11 31
D-54576 Hillesheim

E-Mail: info@aci-anleger.de
telephone: +49 6593 208756
mobile: +49 175 2757310